Day 34

I awoke and realized I’m out of kale.  No kale, no juice.  Here’s what I had today:

Black iced tea, roasted sweet potatoes w/ quinoa salad, wild mushroom pasta



The mushroom pasta was DISGUSTING.  It’s what I picked up yesterday from Specs.  Gross…my dog loved it though! 🙂 He ate most of it! 🙂  So, no juice today…but I ate healthy and I’ll juice up tomorrow.

I found out yesterday that our neighborhood garage sale is TOMORROW!! Since we are moving to NJ next month, I have tons to get rid of so I’ve been scrambling to put it all out.  I think it’s all ready to go for in the morning!  The house is not clean for my inlaws quite yet but the garage sale is ready! 🙂



One thought on “Day 34

  1. husband says:

    Chango made us like $400 after she gave a way my Xbox 360 and Wii. Happy wife = happy life they tell me.

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