Day 35 & 36

This weekend has been NON stop busy! Had our garage sale yesterday.  Boxed 3 boxes up for the move.  Today I’ve been cleaning and cooking for my in-laws who just got in.


I went and got stocked up on tons of fruits & veg.  I made a MASSIVE juice


Saturday night i ordered chicken pad thai 😦 HORRIBLE but I didn’t eat much of it.  I also had a couple of hard ciders.  Was not a great day for me


I’ve spent most of the day sleeping.  Mack brown was up ALL night with a storm.  I made an egg taco this morning


I felt horrible and guilty about drinking so much this weekend. But I forced myself to make a juice.  I swear 5 min later I felt AMAZING


I made some yummy snacks for us to have as my in-laws got here tonight: chicken wings, chicken salad sliders, spinach dip & hummus


I enjoyed myself and we all had some amazing key lime pie afterwards.  I didn’t stuff myself.  Even quit eating the pie even though I wanted to eat the whole huge slice because it was delicious! 🙂

I packed my lunch for tomorrow and it has a little chicken in it.  I want to start adding back SMALL amounts of chicken & fish.  Just a couple times a week.  I’ve been doing too much snacking on ‘junk’ and I’d rather eat more chicken/fish & veggies instead of the junk snacks.

My hubs will be here next weekend.  It’s good to have my in-laws here!  Will be even better next weekend!


One thought on “Day 35 & 36

  1. husband says:

    Next time I come back from India or Turkey I must have this delicious somewhat healthy feast waiting for me. The President authorizes it!

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