Day 33

My morning juice was FULL of fruit!!! It gave me about 70 oz of juice and was so delicious!


After I work I went to Specs.  I’ve been on a man hunt for this hard cider I’m now addicted to, and they were the only store that had stock of it.  So you bet I bought every bottle they had! JK Scrumpy is THE best and everyone should try it 🙂  At 200 calories/bottle it’s a nice treat a couple times a week


Tonight I made this recipe for Quinoa Salad.  I got quinoa back in December when we were visiting my in-laws and have yet to use it.


So *technically* not vegetarian since I used chicken stock.  I was not expecting much from this salad.  I EVEN got some pasta salad from Specs to take home because I didn’t see how this little quinoa salad could ever fill me up.  1. this salad was DELICIOUS! 2. It was so, so filling!!!  I suggest everyone click that link and try it out 🙂


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