Life is short

This is totally non food relat d but it's been a very hard weekend. On Friday I randomly googled my old boss at UT and found his obituary 😦 Ben was such a great guy. Then my old friend Rory posted on FB that our good friend Kim Hardy had passed away that morning. Kim & I were REALLY good friends. Maybe for only 2 or 3 years but she had such an impact on me. She was just starting teaching when I met her… Or maybe finishing up her certification for it. Either way we both taught for Leander. She was a roller derby girl, how cool is that. She taught me a lot about cooking and taught me to make hummus and SHES the one who taught me my favorite salad: Apple, lettuce, feta & poppyseed dressing. She got me a great volunteer position at SXSW. We were REALLY close. Kim had this really cool OLD school white Lincoln with suicide doors that she was so proud of but it wasn't rare that you would find it stalled out on the side of Mopac. For my 21st bday it was just her & Rory celebrating with me. I have no idea why we stopped talking. I'm sure it was my fault.


I joined Instagram yesterday to find out more about her life. She gave up teaching when she found out she had cancer and lived. So many trips. She did a triathlon & ran a 10k. All while knowing she doesn't have much time left. She died how she lived. Going out in style. Even though I didn't know her that long and we weren't in contact it's had SUCH an impact on me. As I walked yesterday I was thinking about times with her and suddenly “over the rainbow” came on my very Beatles/70s Rock station. The good Hawaiian version. Life is short friends. Live it loud




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