Farmers market Friday!

I loooove the farmers market!! I wanted to buy 1 of everything but I'm actually trying to be responsible with money for once…I made a recipe list for the next week or 2 and only bought what I needed. What a novel idea! Sad I'm just learning these things! Ha this is what I picked up:

Basil, grape tomatoes, 2 huge zuc, a massive head of lettuce & onions. BEAUTIFUL produce for $11!

I got my hair chopped off today and ran some errands. Drew & I joined our town pool so I grabbed some things I needed for that because tomorrow is the 1st day we can use it. The pool is only opened weekends till next week. I'm SO excited about swimming and tanning for the 1st time in forever. As of this afternoon our whole weekend is now a wash 😦 only Sunday was supposed to storm. I might have a bit of time Saturday afternoon that isn't raining. We will see. This pool membership is a big step for us! I refuse to not do things just because I don't like how I look. Time to live more 🙂

Drew got home yesterday and left this morning 😦 my meal of the day was a salad & chicken thighs. Drew hates chicken thighs so I only get to make them when he's gone. I LOVE them!!

Lots of new recipes planned out for the week. Very exciting! Here's to a great weekend!!



2 thoughts on “Farmers market Friday!

  1. Jana says:

    Wow! It would take me days to do what you accomplish in a few hours! Keep knocking down those self image walls!!! :):):) By the way, I’ve told you before…you are beautiful! (and I’m almost always right..hahahahahaha)

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