Zucchini boats

I have a really bad habit of buying zucchini and never cooking it. I got some BEATIFUL zucchini at the farmers market so I was determined to put it to good use. This recipe was awesome… You can find real recipes all over Pinterest but here's what I did:

*first I sautéed ground turkey with onion, lots of garlic, chopped tomatoes & some Italian seasoning. No reason other than I had that in my fridge 🙂

*next while that cooled I halved & hollowed out the zucchini (the guts of the zuc I put into the meat mixture) and heavily seasoned with salt pepper & olive oil. I roasted that for about 20 minutes to soften up the veg

*finally I added a beaten egg to the cooled meat mixture to bind it and filled the zucchini with it. I topped it with parm & mozzarella and baked it at 350 for about 45 min. (The parm is KEY!!)

I had mine today for lunch. Topped it with a tiny bit of organic pasta sauce I had in the fridge. This was a GREAT meal. Light, filling & really healthy!




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