Very productive day!!

This morning we got up early & drew went to work and I went on a walk. I haven't been on a walk in over a week. It was 55 out this morning.. PERFECT walking weather. I wish it would stay this nice all summer but next week we are back to highs of 88. I can't complain too much. I found a new little neighborhood on my walk today. HUGE houses. I can't wait to go explore it more. I get very bored walking the same path so new areas are always good. I made a GREAT new recipe today but I will get to that in a bit. My eats today were:

Breakfast: usual


Lunch: I got us salads from the Whole Foods salad bar. YUM

Dinner: NEW recipe!! Chicken, broccoli, “rice” casserole. THIS is the recipe I followed as a guideline

Here's what you do, basically. FIRST shred a head of cauliflower & cook it with some chicken stock. Put that in the bottom of a baking dish. That's the “rice”

NEXT boiled cubed chicken & broccoli in chicken stock till cooked through & put on top of the “rice”

THEN you make a fondue sauce using chicken stock, white wine, cream & cheese. Not going to lie my sauce had way too much liquid in it so I had to add a SMALL corn starch slurry to thicken it up. 1 TB of cornstarch has 8 carbs so not too worried about it since this made a lot of servings. the only problem with this recipe is I didn't dry the cauliflower properly & there was quite a bit of liquid. Thankfully I was able to spoon it all out but YALL this recipe was killer. I wouldn't make it often way too much dairy but it was great. Perfect for the holidays!!

I'm at work now & I now have all supplies I need for June events! This cabinet is done YAY (Really i need Oreos for 1event but that will wait )


Tomorrow is going to be a long day! I'm going to the city to see The Audience. Super excited about it. My train home doesn't get in till midnight so let's hope I can stay awake




3 thoughts on “Very productive day!!

  1. Jana says:

    Oh wow!!!! Helen MIrren AND your amazing chicken casserole! Really admire how creative you are with alternate carbs that are so much healthier!

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