Leftover day

I'm exhausted. I thought yesterday was busy at work but today was insane. I don't have energy to talk to my poor husband who is actually home for the night. The good news is I got a ton done at work! Today was craft day. It was ocean themed so we made these cute fish using celery to paint the scales & paper bag jelly fish

I had a mom come in & ask if the craft was appropriate for her 8 year old “eh probably not” so she then got very snippy with me complaing how her 8 year old loooooves crafts & all we do is things you can cut, glue & paint. My biggest crowd is nannies who need something to do with their 2-4 year old, so yes she is right. I usually would let this mean lady bug me all day but instead I decided to have a craft day once a month geared towards 7-12 year olds šŸ™‚ I bet $100 that mean lady won't even bring her kid to it. Oh well.

Eats were all left overs today. Need to clean out the fridge so I can keep trying new recipes!

Breakfast: usual šŸ™‚

Lunch: leftover pulled pork & broc (this recipe was SOOOOO GOOD)

Dinner: leftover sampler platter šŸ™‚ drew & I shared this. I grilled leftover chicken cubes I had from chicken nuggets & the beef is a leftover burger patty

In other news I just finished these 2 books & im soooo sad!!!! It's so hard to let go of characters you love. I am such a library nerd these days

Alright off to bed early!! Excited about my recipe for tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Leftover day

  1. Jana says:

    Hmmm…love it that you are a nerd…love it that you did not let the woman ‘get to you’ and love it that you clean out your fridge! Anytime you want to do mine, just come on down! šŸ™‚

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