Not so busy day

I wanted to get a lot done today: groceries, walking, church but I woke up tired. That's the worst feeling ever but thankfully I got groceries last night so that was off my list. I decided to watch church online and instead of walking I went back to the zoo. What a GREAT zoo & I got my steps in 🙂 I read online it's rated the best zoo in NJ. I just assumed it was a small no big deal zoo since we live in such a small area. It's huge, nestled in between mountains & even has a ropes course & zip lining. Super cool


It was a great day exploring. I knew drew wouldn't want to go & he's out of town so I'm glad I made myself get out of the house & go. On to my eats:

Breakfast: chorizo egg & cheese ( so glad I still have some chorizo in my freezer. Yum!!)

Lunch: cheese & meat plate The raschela cheese was new to me but I liked it! The description of it said “strong hay flavor” which sounded appealing 🙂 it wasn't hay at all. More like Muenster. I did NOT like the farmers cheese. Mack enjoyed it though. He helped me eat this

Dinner: chicken wings (Spiced with the rub I make) I love chicken wings!!!

Need to actually eat veggies tomorrow. Oops!!! So in the sermon today the pastor said something that I SO needed to hear. “We experience optimum growth & change when we fuel the good things that are already present & happening in our lives” he went on to talk about how we focus on the negative. We could have done 100 good things that day but go to bed worrying about 1 mistake. I've been sooooo consumed with my hate of New Jersey & desperation to get back to Texas so that reminder about positivity was just what I needed.

Tomorrow will be filled with cleaning & drew gets home YAY!! Happy Monday to all!



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