Back at it

What an AMAZING trip to Texas we had. The week felt like a day. We had some great storms and flooding during the week. Oh how I miss Texas storms. We did nothing but eat,watch plays, eat, shop, eat some more. So fun & great family time. Today I had to work at a booth that was set up for the public libraries at our local zoo. It was Essex county “open house” at the zoo. That big time politician I knew from our library set up the day so the public could see all the government offers the community. It was PACKED and so hot but a fun morning. Can't wait to go back & actually explore the zoo. It's SUPER nice who knew! Here are a couple of picture I took

I'm going to go back to documenting what I have for breakfast lunch & dinner every day so I stay on track!

Breakfast: Eggs with bacon, jalapeño & cheese

Lunch: after the zoo I stopped at a diner & picked up an omelette that had grilled chicken, broccoli, onion, tomato & cheddar. SOOOOO good

Dinner: a hamburger patty (sounds boring but meat was from Snake River Farms. AMAZING)

Stuffed with amazing food and it was all low carb. Hooray!! Tomorrow will be a busy day so hopefully going to bed early like the old lady I am. Already miss Texas soooooo much & hope more than anything we get back soon!!


2 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. hab ihn auch neulich gesehen. abgesehen von der schwachen und mich nervenden katie holmes – heisst das TAG-team nicht &#d¶l0;tÃ282ich aber gut”?

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