In honor of..

It's been a tough week. We lost my papaw on Tuesday. I knew this day was coming. Prepared for it. Even talked to drew about “how will I respond when I get the news papaw is gone?”. He said, “you will cry but it will be ok”. I thought I had mourned him…I knew this was coming but it was all much harder than I thought. He was such an important figure in my life. But he was also a reader of this little blog & the last time I saw him he even said “hey I love that thing you write” so I will keep on for him 🙂 today was the funeral in Texas and I chose not to go. I missed being with family but I just associate going to tx lately with going to see him. I wanted my last memories to be of our time together not seeing him laid to rest.

on to my day… I wanted to do something fun since I missed out on family time & decided to go see a musical in the city. I stopped off for brunch before my 2:00 show and had an amazing Bloody Mary & omelette

I then made it over to my show Fun Home. This was in a TINY theatre that is under the HUGE theatre Wicked is in. Loved the set up. Fun home got 12 tony nominations & a lot of buzz so I was really excited about it

Before the show started I was looking around and here is what I'm thinking in the following pictures: 1. OMG is that Sherley MacLaine? 2. Guy freaking out & introducing himself it's totally her 3. YES! I got a decent pic


The play was good. Different. But really good. My big problem came afterwards. The show ended at 3:50 & my train at Penn left at 4:11. I was a full mile away & timed the walk on the way there and it was about 22 minutes because of the crowds (you have to go THROUGH Times Square). I POWER walked and jogged my way to Penn telling myself if I don't keep up this pace I'm going to miss the train. I RAN as soon as I made it into Penn & boarded the train at 4:10!!! Is that not perfect timing? Maybe my papaw was looking out for me :). 9 days till I go to Texas with mom & brother. THAT will be a great time 🙂




8 thoughts on “In honor of..

  1. husband says:

    22 minutes for a mile were you crawling? Be a rude New Yorker and beat them down. I’m glad I missed this. Food looked just okay, the bloody mary looked amazing. Is this Facebook 2.0?

    • Ani proves it; the much-alluded-to raw food “glow” is real! I would never in a million years have guessed that she is about to turn 42.The 105 Degree Academy is Matthew Kenney’s raw food chef certification program, the first classically-structured institution of its kind. Check out .

    • Boycott Black men! Are they serious? Boycotting BM is like boycotting myself. Why would any sane human being want to boycott themselves or is it even possible. Count me out, I love the BM from the top of his head to his toe nails. There is no better man for me. We've gone through too much to break up now. I'll never lost faith in him and will always be by his side through WHATEVER! Boycott BM! The most insane idea I've heard since Tony Brown came up with Tony Dollars!

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