In honor of..

It's been a tough week. We lost my papaw on Tuesday. I knew this day was coming. Prepared for it. Even talked to drew about “how will I respond when I get the news papaw is gone?”. He said, “you will cry but it will be ok”. I thought I had mourned him…I knew this was coming but it was all much harder than I thought. He was such an important figure in my life. But he was also a reader of this little blog & the last time I saw him he even said “hey I love that thing you write” so I will keep on for him 🙂 today was the funeral in Texas and I chose not to go. I missed being with family but I just associate going to tx lately with going to see him. I wanted my last memories to be of our time together not seeing him laid to rest.

on to my day… I wanted to do something fun since I missed out on family time & decided to go see a musical in the city. I stopped off for brunch before my 2:00 show and had an amazing Bloody Mary & omelette

I then made it over to my show Fun Home. This was in a TINY theatre that is under the HUGE theatre Wicked is in. Loved the set up. Fun home got 12 tony nominations & a lot of buzz so I was really excited about it

Before the show started I was looking around and here is what I'm thinking in the following pictures: 1. OMG is that Sherley MacLaine? 2. Guy freaking out & introducing himself it's totally her 3. YES! I got a decent pic


The play was good. Different. But really good. My big problem came afterwards. The show ended at 3:50 & my train at Penn left at 4:11. I was a full mile away & timed the walk on the way there and it was about 22 minutes because of the crowds (you have to go THROUGH Times Square). I POWER walked and jogged my way to Penn telling myself if I don't keep up this pace I'm going to miss the train. I RAN as soon as I made it into Penn & boarded the train at 4:10!!! Is that not perfect timing? Maybe my papaw was looking out for me :). 9 days till I go to Texas with mom & brother. THAT will be a great time 🙂




7 thoughts on “In honor of..

  1. husband says:

    22 minutes for a mile were you crawling? Be a rude New Yorker and beat them down. I’m glad I missed this. Food looked just okay, the bloody mary looked amazing. Is this Facebook 2.0?

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