Hello summer!

My pretty white blooms left after a week 😦 other things are blooming now though. More pinks & purples. It went from spring back to winter for a full week now summer is here. 88 on Sunday WHAT?!?! I don't like it. This is from my park I walk in

I checked out this book at the library this week & everything he describes is so me. I've know for years I shouldn't eat wheat/carbs but I'm stubborn. My skin rashes (which he describes in the book) have gotten out of control. They used to be on just my upper arms but now have spread to my face and forearms. Sign,much?

So it's time to really change. Not for now or most of the time but for good. (Insert cryin emoji) but it will be good & I need it. Tonight I made sautéed spinach with grilled chicken thighs that I seasoned with smoked paprika,salt & pepper. So filling & delicious.

19 days before we go to Austin!! Can't wait to see my momma & maybe see my brother :). Need to review all restaurants & pick out amazing WHEAT FREE items. I'm sure that's not hard to do in Austin 🙂


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