Spring Cleaning

What a busy weekend!!! Thankfully I have much more energy these days and am happy to be busy! After lots of park time on Friday I decided it was time to deep clean our area rugs & rented a RugDoctor.

What a big job but I'm so glad it's done! 🙂 The weekend also consisted of getting the car detailed, cleaning the apartment, and lots of other errands. To treat our hard work we had a bagel burger yesterday. If you haven't had a burger patty on a cinn raisin bagel then you haven't lived. The salty/sweet is perfection.

I also bought a steam mop this weekend. Finally used it today and I'm IN LOVE!! 🙂 we immediately threw out our swiffer. This thing is AMAZING!! Our floors have never been so clean. Mack approves & can't wait to get them dirty again.
Today it's POURING out so I went to the gym. I almost cancelled my membership since I love the park so much but I'm glad I haven't yet for days like today. When I got home I marinated some veggies in a vinegrette I made with: olive oil, balsamic, Dijon mustard, honey & a bit of salt. Then I grilled them
I had that on seed bread with goat cheese. SO GOOD. Grilled veg & goat cheese go so well together.
The only down side of the weekend was my horrible allergies. Yesterday they had me absolutely knocked out in so much pain. Today they are a little better cause of the rain but still pretty bad. I started a daily Claritin & that has me feeling like I'm in a fog. I guess I should take it at night maybe. Hopefully they will get better soon!! Here's to a GREAT week!!




6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    • Thanks for sending the photos, paailcutrrly of Cloud Peak Wilderness! Believe it or not, this went to my spam folder, but I fetched it out just now. Life has been full of chores (window replacement, dry rot, fix roof, dig fence post holes) since returning to Oregon. Now I’m back hiking, and thinking of cross country skiing, and more adventures next summer. Are you planning on returning to CPW? I sure could be talked into it very easily.Also, is there a way for me to save photos off of this, and print them?Cloudy

    • Mahonesa de Amsterdam…ummmmmmmmmmm uf tiene un pinta excelente…. y lleva la palabra mágica, jejej Amsterdam!!!!Recibí tu correo con la receta….muchas gracias…. ahora te respondo!!!Un besoB

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