Spring is coming!!!

Things are finally starting to bloom & the weather has been GLORIOUS!!! I love spring in NJ just as much as fall. It's so pretty. I bet next week everything is going to be in full bloom

Today has been great!! I decided to check out Grover Cleveland park for a morning walk. (He grew up here) this area reminds me of Austin in that everyone is outdoorsy. People are walking,jogging,cycling every where & there are tons of nice parks with walking trails and even more public tennis courts. Rich people like tennis. Haha this park was BEAUTIFUL and I'm sad this is the 1st time I've been

I decided to listen to my pandora instead of iTunes today & im sooooo glad I did. My pandora station is the best! LOTS of Beatles, billy Joel, Elton & queen. I had to keep looking around me for people cause I was singing πŸ™‚ such great music.
For eats, this morning we had egg toast w/ ham & lunch was veggie stir fry over brown rice.
Tonight is going to be CRAZY busy at work so I'll have a shake for dinner. I'm doing this STEM (science,technology,engineering & math) class & we are building something called a brush bot. I only have enough for 23 & 22 students are signed up. I have a feeling about 30 will show up & be mad they didn't register & get on the list. Oh the joys of working at a public library.
Looking forward to going back to the park tomorrow…if it doesn't rain!






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