Back by popular demand

My mom asks every so often for me to blog. I have a boring life though. Today we decided to get back on track eating wise so why not blog?? We are trying to up fruits & veg and lay off meat for some time. Not totally but just mostly. Really want to cleanse out & start feeling better again.

Today breakfast & lunch were protein shakes. I had a morning snack of cottage cheese & peaches then an afternoon snack of apple slices w/ chili powder. YUUUUM. My coworker thought I was crazy though


For dinner I made gluten free pasta w/ peas & mushrooms and pesto. Easiest meal ever. Sautéed the peas & mushrooms then mix with pasta & pesto! This brown rice & quinoa pasta from Trader Joes is FANTASTIC! I had mine with a salad… I made home made balsamic vinaigrette & topped it with golden raisins & shaved Asiago
Eating was good today but I felt HORRIBLE. Worst headache ever. But I know soon I'm going to be feeling better than ever 🙂
In other news work is painful these days but it is what it is. I was surprised how many came in for tax forms today. It's due TOMORROW people :). Also I'm super blonde these days but Mack approves
*i had to get a new blog app & this took me FOREVER!!! 😦 but happy to be blogging again. Here's to healthy eating & living



5 thoughts on “Back by popular demand

  1. Not to forget the brilliant castings jack… I think Ellen Page as Ariadne was particularly genius, her perceived &#g186;8oodnessӋ combined with the portrayed intelligence really illustrates the danger of inception: someone pure at risk of the corruption of uncontrollable, unlimited opportunity.Nice analysis…makes me want to watch again! XXXX

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