productive Sunday!!

I got so much done today!! Feeling so great 🙂 I 1st went to target. As always a trip for a few things resulted in a $200 trip :). Once I got home i put away all the fall decorations & put up my Christmas stuff. I don’t have much since our place is so small. (All of mine are safe with Grandad in Tx) Makes me sad! I love Christmas decorations!! I did pick up this cute reindeer at target. Love his bow tie

Then I made tilapia for lunch. This is my mother in laws recipe and its SOOO GOOD!!

  • Put the filet on a bed of lemons w/ salt & pepper
  • Make a mixture of mayo, lemon juice, grated Parmesan, black pepper 
  • Slather that on the fish
  • Bake at 350 for 25 min In a foil packet

I have spent the rest of the day meal prepping for the week. It took me ALL day. Roasted asparagus & butternut squash, cooked green beans. Boiled & peeled eggs for snacks. Grilled chicken & turkey burgers. Since we eat 1 meal a day we are SET for the week!!

I’m loving this program we are doing. Have I said that already? I just honestly haven’t felt this good or had energy like this in YEARS!! Happy Monday/December all 🙂

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