cleanse day 11

I’m already feeling GREAT again. Tons of energy & so happy. The only miserable part of today was the weather. High of 30, real feel of 12-18. If it’s going to be that cold I wish there would at least be snow on the ground. 

Eating was perfect today. Aside from my shakes I had tilapia with 1 cup of brown rice & broc for lunch. I love this meal 

Morning snack was almonds. Afternoon snack was chicken sausage w/ spinach

After work I came home & prepped a ton of food for tomorrow & the next few days. I was perfectly content with not eating any of it & having my yummy shake for dinner no night time hunger is HUGE for me!!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Currently have 3 books going but I just finished Sarah’s Key. SOOOOO good I couldn’t put it down. Finished this book in 2 days & put my others on hold. Can’t wait to watch the movie now

Can’t wait for day 12!


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