cleanse day 3

I woke up at 6am full of energy!! THAT is exciting to me. Drew leaves for Vegas today so I got all he needs prepped for him. All he needs now is to buy a healthy meal for himself. 

Breakfast was my vanilla shake & lunch was tilapi over 1 cup brown rice & green beans. SOOOO good & perfectly portioned out for our meal of the day 

This afternoon I rushed off to work & had my almonds & egg while there. Had my chocolate shake dinner once I got home. My BIG CHEAT of the day was chicken sausage after my shake…(it wasn’t that bad 200 extra calories so that I stay sane) I wasn’t even hungry. We just had lunch so early today & I wanted soooomething. My energy is drained & I could go to sleep now if it weren’t for my puppy. 

Have a busy day of painting tomorrow. Here’s to day 4!!



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