cleanse day 2

We made it through another day!! Drew has traveled both days and it’s already so much prep getting all his stuff ready to will be major work when he goes away for several days but I’m more than happy to do it. Excited about this program we are doing & improving our health!

Breakfast: vanilla shake

Snack: 6 almonds..such a sad amount but it is the serving size!

Lunch: chicken stuffed with spinach & feta with broccoli & roasted red pepper

Snack: hard boiled egg

Dinner: chocolate shake

Today our calories were right on point because our meal was much lighter than yesterday. 🙂 proud of us already 🙂

In other’s supposed to snow Friday night and I’m SO excited!! I hope the weather forecast stays…the 1st snow is so exciting!! On to day 3!


3 thoughts on “cleanse day 2

    • Ha! Drew sent me a picture of his almonds in his hand with the caption ‘so sad’ but it actually was enough to keep me satisfied till lunch 🙂

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