Disney day 2!

We spent this morning in Animal kingdom

Went on a couple fun rides then saw Finding Nemo the musical. I didn’t expect much from this but it was a mini Broadway musical. SOOO well done

We took a little afternoon break then hit Epcot for the food & wine festival. We walked around the whole world tonight!! 🙂

Puerto Rico- carne guisada & tostones 

Hawaii- poke with seaweed salad

South Korea- kimchee dog

Then we took James & Jana to our fav from yesterday. Brazil! Pork belly & cheese bread

Those little bread balls had a hunk of cheese in the middle that is so good so I asked the guys cooking what type of cheese it is KNOWING this had to be on our next cheese board. It was a mix of mozzarella & white cheddar he tells me. What a let down! Ha

Tomorrow we have all day at Epcot which means we can sleep in & take it easy. I’m already kind of sick of eating 🙂 3 more days to go!




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