becoming a morning person is tiring :)

On Wednesday my alarm went off at 6 and I told myself “screw this I’m NOT getting up!!” But then I snapped to it & realized I could not give up on day 2!! I was at the gym by 6:30 for my walk/jog. TODAY was a bit diff. Mack kept me up ALL night & when my alarm went off at 6 I snoozed till 6:30. Finally got up around 7 then was out of the house by 8:30. I don’t work till 5pm on Thursday so I wasn’t in as much of a rush but instill want to keep a schedule. 

After my work out I made breakfast/lunch: chicken & apple sausage, eggs & sautéed spinach

This chicken & apple sausage is acceptable on low carb/paleo/whole 30. This brand makes a jalapeño mango sausage that is DELISH so I was hopeful. For whatever reason it was gross to me. Couldn’t eat much of it. I’m sad the jalapeño mango has some sort of filler & is not ok to eat 😦

For dinner I made roasted broccoli & burger patties. 

For the roasted broc I tossed florets w/ lemon juice, olive oil, & garlic. Payed it out on a sheet tray & salted. Then roasted at 425 for 25 min

Once it was out I topped it with pepper & freshly grated pram

Was it good, yes. GREAT, nah. I want to try this again but use fresher broccoli. Mine was almost a week old so that may play into it. Was good with my dinner though

I’m glad I’m getting my workouts in & ate on point tonight. Feels good!!  Hopefully Friday will be much of the same! Until then…here is a pic I took on the way to work. It’s been warmer than usual here but little pops of color are showing up! So pretty



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