morning person day 1!

When I was a teacher I had to get up @ 5:30 every morning & leave the house by 6:30 at the latest. Because of this I became a morning person. I could never sleep past 6:30/7 on the weekends. Now the earliest I have to be at work is 10 & because of that I’m LAZY in the morning. Rarely waking up before 7:30 & often staying in bed till 9. I’m on a mission to change that!!! So today I set my alarm for 6am & went to the gym. I never would go to the gym before work but I’m making myself!! I did a fast walk for 45 min and it felt GOOD!! I had tons of energy the rest of the day! I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove! When I got home I made my old stand by. Bacon & egg on corn tortillas

I even felt good enough to fix my hair! My hair is CURRRRLYthese days & takes effort to straighten out. It’s super long now but I like it long!

Lunch was my salami cheese & banana peppers and for a snack I had a Quest bar 

Dinner tonight is fish & green beans. Yum!!


Hopefully I will be excited about going to the gym when my alarm goes off at 6am tomorrow!!


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