grumpy & brain dead

Those words sum me up this week!! I think there is so much going on in life lately my brain has decided to shut down.  There is lots going on back home that makes me sad. There is loooots of work drama. It’s as if my brain can’t hold anymore!! Tonight for instance..I made fish & steamed broccoli. I forgot to put water in my steamer so the broccoli was just raw & disgusting. WHILE I was in the living room waiting on my “steamed” broc I smell burning. I went in the kitchen & a kitchen towel was up in flames!!! The fire alarm was going was insanity. I’m going to blame it all on my brain dead-ness. My fish was good at least! (Can you tell I like capers?)

In other news I’m reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King & it’s really good!! If you like mysteries I recommend it!

Tomorrow drew gets home!! I’m having Shoprite steam us a couple lobsters! Excited about that!! Hopefully I will regain some brain function