if you’re going to diet, do it right!

Ugh it’s been a LONG week!! My new job duties have me working over time & my normal hrs are filled with tons of work. I’m NOT complaining!! I love my new responsibilities but working so much extra is just like working out..takes a bit to get used to. On Monday the lady I’m replacing found out she was no longer working in the back & would now only work front desk. There were a ton of tears, lots of drama & awkwardness but it is what it is. 

Let’s get to eating. Drew & I are obsessed with Snake River Farms. They have THE best meat & we just got hooked on their bacon. It’s fantastic

Tonight we had Snake river farms Kobe beef buger patties w/ green beans. I steam my green beans then sautéed them in bacon fat. Does it get better?!?

Yesterday I made the most amazing fish!! Will post that tomorrow. In the meantime it’s time for me to go to bed and for YOU to order from Snake River Farms (I wish I got paid by them!)


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