This wk has been exhausting already & it’s only Tuesday. Our huge end of summer party is tomorrow.  There is a ton of work to do for that. I begged work to not put things off for this like we did last year but I handed in the order form to Shoprite (New Jersey’s HEB) tonight & we need enough food for 100 by tomorrow. AYE but it I’ll all come together. I need to relax. Our entertainer, jester Jim, is awesome so at least we have that!

In addition to the biggest party of the year I’ve been learning that new position of processing all the new material. It’s a huge job! I have to link all adult, YA & juvenile print,audio & film material. Then be sure to have it all labeled correctly. There are about 20 stickers that I have to put on the various items. Then stamping it all w/ “roseland public library” in the right places. For instance…a biography book, I link, then print labels, place the labels THEN it gets a: biography sticker, new sticker & August sticker. ITS SO MUCH for 1 silly book.  But I like this new job. It fills every free moment I have at work


Tonight we had the best pork tenderloin. Not sure what drew marinated it in but it’s great!! We had slices of meat with the best grapes ever as dinner 

I’m ready for bed. Tomorrow will be a LOOOOOONG day


2 thoughts on “exhausted

  1. husband says:

    I used my Mom’s pork tenderloin marinate – soy sauce, sesame seed oil, fresh garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Let it sit in the fridge for 24 hrs. It was so tender and amazing just by itself.

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