There’s nothing really to post about. Friday’s weather was AMAZING though. Almost hoodie weather. I saw several people wearing them at the farmers market. It was ALMOST there but not quite!!  I LOOOVE jersey weather! Friday consisted of a nice big green juice. Then pork & chicken kabobs from the farmers market. These grilled kabobs are THE best!!!  I worked all day yesterday..Fridays are my day off but I’m getting more hrs each week & yesterday I stayed all day. The library backs up to the farmers market so it was NICE

Today has been pretty busy!! It started off with steak & eggs!! Yum!!

Then I went for an oil change. Something was wrong w/ my car so they needed to keep it until they got a part in. They gave me this BEAUTIFUL loaner in the mean time. Now I want an IS. Ha. It’s so fun to drive!!

I did some cardio..only 35 min on elliptical but I had already convinced myself not to work out so I am happy I did SOME anyway.  I also painted more in the living room. I ran out of paint & have to get more but only 3 more walls to go!!

Tomorrow is another busy day!! I’m working every day next week so need to get in all the errands in. LOTS of groceries to buy!! 🙂 hopefully it will be a super Sunday!!





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