better night!

Last night was better!!! Mack paced for only 2 hours not 4 or 5!! Something is scaring him at night poor guy!! The weather has been AMAZING today.  Felt almost like a fall day!! I finally got back in the gym. Did an hr of cardio…I was slower than normal 😦 don’t quit while you’re ahead kids!!


I got drew & I some salad bowls from chipotle. These things were MASSIVE and it’s kept me full all day

I ordered a pork collar from Snake River Farms. Sooooo excited to try this out!! I’m obsessed with SRF and they are having great sales this week!

In other news I finally finished a book that took me about 6 months to read. It’s just over 700 pgs. I got to pg 400 & just couldn’t read anymore so I listened to the audio book for the rest. I never thought it would end. Don’t read The Goldfinch. No clue why it’s been so popular. I’m almost done with The Fault in Our Stars and THAT is a great book!!




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