sweet child of mine

I LOVE my puppy..I really view him as my child but the last 2 nights he has spent the majority of the night pacing from the bed to the living room. It’s not like he will go into the living room…sleep for a bit..come back. NOPE. It’s up into the bed,turn around go to the living room, run up into the bed, turn around & go back. This momma is pretty sleep deprived 😦

For breakfast today I go a nice omelette at my fav lil sandwich place by work 

Lunch was onion soup. I’ve been having soup w/ my juice. It’s filling yet light

Dinner wasn’t the best choice but it is what it is. Today was my last big project of the summer. We made marshmallow catapults 

I’m so glad summer is winding down!!!!! I just have a movie night tomorrow, Lego club on Friday & then the huge end of summer party next Wednesday & my summer madness is OVER!!! Back to normalcy. 

I didn’t work out today but I did paint half of the living room. Painting should be a work out! πŸ™‚ as long as my little baby sleeps tonight I will be in the gym tomorrow morning!!!



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