brisket overload

My brisket turned out amazing. We’ve been having it for breakfast lunch & dinner. Literally

Today I decided we needed to lay off the over eating & made us a HUGE batch of green juice

This created just over a gallon of juice..enough to last the 2 of us two days. I just want to have it as my brunch so I’m actually really hungry for dinner. Tonight we are having BRISKET for dinner 🙂 ha it’s so good. 


Today I went into  work to learn a new position. I’m going to start linking all our new books into our catalog. Usually someone else does this but she works REALLY slow so they are having ME take over. I’m excited!! I get a few more hours a week & will be much more versed in our collection. 


Tomorrow after work I’m going to the gym. It’s been a WEEK since I’ve been!! 😦 here’s to a terrific Tuesday!!

One thought on “brisket overload

  1. husband says:

    Seeing the pic of the brisket makes me drool like Pavlov’s dog. It’s so good. Juicie juice was good for breakfast.

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