this is how it should be!

Today has been crazy insane busy & I didn’t even work out!! I started my day with lots of laundry. Then made my way to Home Depot for final paint supplies & then to Target for odds & ends. At target I ran into this huge flock of Canadian geese. There were at least 20

Then I came home & painted the bathroom. I chose the darker green of my bedroom choices.(bottom right ) In my bedroom we only have natural light so this green was DARK but in the fluorescent bathroom light it turned out great!! Crazy how diff the colors look in the different lighting. You would think we painted the bottom left color but nope it’s the darkest color!  I realize I (aka drew) has some touch up to do. That right back corner was impossible for mr to get to because of the tub 

At target I bought a white shower curtain because I thought it would look classy w/ the green but I like our current shower curtain w/ it!!

Before I knew it, it was 1 & I hadn’t eaten. Made some polish sausage & eggs

For dinner we have a brisket cooking on the library grill. I’m really hoping that turns out well!!

I have been going nonstop all day & just now really sat down. I need to be busy like this more often. THIS is how it should be. Busy & active = weight loss :). I’ll keep you posted on my brisket 😉


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