60 days

Today is 60 days till I’m 32. How did I get so old??!?!? So for 60 days I’m going to be VERY strict. I have big goals for this next year & losing weight is #1. 

“Breakfast”: salad w/ skirt steak

Lunch: polish sausage w/ sautéed cabbage 

Dinner: nada. Haven’t felt well all day & not hungry. SOO unlike me! 

I taught a little cooking class at the library. We made s’mores. The little purple cups are what we used to roast the marshmallows. They are sterno flames..those little things that go under catered dish pans to keep it warm. It worked out really well! The class was a huge hit


Can’t wait to start feeling better again. Eating bad puts me in the worst mood…go figure.  🙂 I have LOTS do do tomorrow!! Have to work out, get paint supplies, start painting the house & then dinner with a friend. Day 1 is down 59 perfect days to go 🙂


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