grey day

It’s been grey, stormy & cool the past 2 days. Good staying in weather. Drew’s out of the country though so it’s been a boring day for me! I didn’t feel like doing anything today, not even eat!! You know something’s off when I don’t feel like eating.  I talked to my papaw today. That was nice…which is saying a lot because I HATE talking on the phone 🙂 love him lots though.  I did manage to go get a few groceries & make my chicken salad. Someone recently asked for the recipe so here it is

  • Rotisserie chicken (my grocery has just chicken breast which is what I use)
  • Sliced grapes
  • Mayo..depends on the amount if chicken. Maybe about a cup for a large chicken
  • Raw honey..maybe about 1/4 cup
  • Salt & pepper

SO easy. So good. I hate celery but if you like it that would be good. I love the salty/sweet aspect of it. It’s something I try to keep on hand. Easy to make & is a great snack or meal. 

Tomorrow I’m going to get back in the gym. I haven’t been since Thursday. I’m not starting off my August on the right foot. I’ll also go pick out some paint colors to give this apt some life. I hate painting but it needs to be done!


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