stress is OVER

I have been SORE from my weights on Monday. That’s a good thing! Will do cardio tomorrow & more weights Friday. The weather yesterday & today has been beautiful! Yesterday the high was 77!!!! Today it was 81 but the high Sunday is 75. LOVE IT!! Eating hasn’t been PERFECT but I’m working hard at it. 

Breakfast: eggs ala mexicana

Lunch: hamburger salad

Dinner: salad & clams casino(clams we got to go & didn’t photo well)



I’ve been so stressed about this science experiment I did at work today. We learned about rocks & crystals then grew some of our own. I was so stressed about the logistics of doing the experiment on a large scale. I tested it last night and the DIDNT WORK!! The one I tested this morning did though! I just stress easily & wanted it to be a good class 🙂 we had over 50 kids come

I’ve also planted 2 more succulent arrangements!

Here’s to a terrific Thursday!!




4 thoughts on “stress is OVER

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Wow! The one in the terrarium is really unusual….I like it so much! Also, I love your breakfasts. I’ve started eating egg dishes again. Jamey will even eat a frittata made in our rice cooker! 🙂

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