back to it!

Yesterday was fun! Food & cake were good. Just ate way too much!!



Today I got in the gym. 20 min on elliptical then 40 min of weights!! I’m going to start by doing weights twice a week. Eventually I will do 3x a week.  It was a GREAT workout! I’ve worked out w/ trainers enough to kind of know what I’m doing. The only sad part is I didn’t get many steps in for my fitbit!! Ha oh well.  This morning I threw away all the left over cake :(. I felt like Paul Rudd in This is 40. 😦 ha (his character has a hard time throwing away cupcakes when they decide to get healthy.)

Anyway I’ve been back on track with my eating!

Breakfast“: last of chicken salad


Lunch: burger patty wrapped in lettuce


Dinner: roast beef w/ a veg..maybe broccoli

I’m making this roast again because it was so good so I will share the recipe!

I got a round eye roast..patted it dry & seasoned w/ salt & pepper. Then seared on all sides

Then I took the roast out of the pan & threw in 2 chopped onions & 26 oz of beef stock. I put the roast back in & topped it all with Lipton dry onion soup mix

Cover and bake at 275 for 3 hours! SO good!! Hope it turns out as good as it did last time!



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