busy busy

Today I DID NOT want to get up. Of course Mack was up at 6:30 ready to go out & play. After I took him out I made him stay in bed till 9:30 πŸ˜‰ then it was off to the races for me. LOTS of groceries, target, party stuff, laundry. BUSY! what I ate..

Breakfast: eggs on toast

Lunch: chicken salad

Dinner: hot Italian sausage with goat cheese & raw honey. Went well with my red wine πŸ™‚

I made a cake for drew…busted out my La Piñata & made homemade chocolate frosting. I think I put too much powdered sugar…the frosting is thick 😦 but tastes good. I hope he likes it. I also put up this cool chalkboard bunting I found

So tomorrow we will grill burgers & celebrate. MONDAY we get super serious. We’ve done great this month. Time to step it up even more. 


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