happy birthday drew!

Drew is 34 today!! We are getting old!! Very sad 🙂 this morning I REALLY didn’t want to go to the gym but I made myself.  Surprisingly I  had better stamina than usual and was able to go much faster on the elliptical! After an hr there I ran to the farmers market for lunch.  There is a Thai stand that has great kabobs. They have great pad Thai I love but was good & didn’t get it. I taught a cooking class at the library tonight so I went back to the Thai stand for dinner as well 🙂

Breakfast: egg on seed toast

Lunch: chicken satay

Dinner: pork satay ( only ate 1. Wasn’t that hungry)

My cooking class went well! We made grilled cheese. The kids had fun & most got seconds 🙂


My throats been hurting all day. I hope it’s just allergies. BUSY day tomorrow getting ready for drew’s birthday!! Hope we have a great weekend!



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