it’s TOO hot!!

Today was way too hot. The high was 88 I think but jersey heat is just oppressive. Tomorrow the high is 90 & then we go back to 81 thank God!! Today’s eating was NOT perfect but I’m being honest here. After today I know we have 1 more cheat day on Sunday to celebrate drew’s bday. After his bday we are back to perfect!! Not even red wine! On to what I ate today:

Breakfast: boring eggs

Lunch: chicken salad

Dinner: roast beef sammich

We used the roast I cooked on Sunday..simmered the meat in its juices this roast turned out AWESOME!! We did put it on the healthiest bread the bakery makes if that helps any?

I got some fun deliveries today!! Finally got all my succulent supplies to start making arrangements for the house 

Also got our Black Cat wine from napa!! SOOO excited to try some tonight!

I kind of got “in trouble” at work today. I bought a new propane tank for the grill but the grill’s tank had enough gas in it so I didn’t need it. I put the extra tank inside. Apparently that’s a big problem?! 😦 I had no clue!! 😦 oh well..on to a Wonderful Wednesday! 


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