waste of a day

Today has been horrible. I didn’t sleep well because of a painful rash I have. I woke up w/ no energy. Total opposite of how I’ve been feeling. If I didn’t have Mack I would have stayed in bed ALL day. Been sad about my grandpa today too. But it will all be ok. I was feeling sorry for myself & stood in front of the ice cream section at the store today convinced I should buy some. I opted to buy jello & whipped cream instead. Even though today has been bad I’m losing weight..can’t stop the good progress! I’m hoping after a good nights sleep all will be better tomorrow! Even as horrible as I was feeling, I ate well!

Breakfast: polish sausage from the farmers market & eggs

Lunch: leftover hibachi

Dinner: chicken salad 

Tomorrow I HAVE to feel better need to work out & have a few errands because drew gets home around noon. He’s been “working” in Hawaii the past 2 days…hard life. I was asked at the library if I want a full time position. It’s so tempting. We could buy a house. Have total financial freedom. Afford regular maid service!! Ha but my pt job allows me many freedoms. They told me “we could suggest you to the board but you can’t travel & take off like you do now” plus my job now is to play with kids & do fun projects. The full time job would be as an assistant director w/ lots of serious responsibilities. Hmmm… If only I were born a millionaire life would be easy!! 🙂

Here’s to hoping we all have a super Sunday!



3 thoughts on “waste of a day

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so proud if you for staying strong today. It is Powell tradition to treat sad news with ice cream. I almost got some myself today. Hang in there! Hope painful skin gets lots better. That’s such a mystery!

    • It’s not officially open yet. Probably will start in January or some time this fall. If it’s offered to me I will take it. I miss you though!!! Been thinking about you! You look so happy!!

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