bring on the rain

The downside to having a summer cool front in NJ is the humidity!!! The past 2 days you could cut it with a knife when you step outside. Can’t wait for the last of the rain to pass through today. Then we will have FABULOUS weather!! What I ate today…

Breakfast : how I make my eggs ala mexicana

  • Put a tablespoon of bacon fat in with tomatoes, onion & jalapeño. The key is to have a good amount of each..I used to put a tiny bit of bacon fat in w/ about 2 tablespoons of the veggies you need LOTS of both. I keep a container of chopped tomatoes,onion & jalapeño ready to go in the fridge since I make this every day
  • Sautee down for 10-15 min. This is KEY!! You have to cook it longer than you would expect. The more it cooks the better the flavor make sure to salt this as it cook

  • Add in eggs & cheese! Yum

Lunch: chicken wrapped in prosciutto & topped w/ cheese with spinach & Brussel sprouts

Dinner: spaghetti sauce over zucchini noodles 


Next week I will make us an Alfredo sauce w/ zucchini noodles. Yum!! A friend noticed I’m losing weight today! That always feels good. I know I’m losing weight. Things fit so much better but it’s nice when other people notice!

 I hired a cleaning company to come in Friday. I just want all the little corners cleaned out in this place. Excited about that!! I’m also starting to get in all my succulent supplies!! Can’t wait to make some arrangements. Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday!


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