close but no cigar

My goal was to get 25,000 steps today (suggested daily steps is 10k. My normal daily goal is 14k) I WORKED at it. Went to the mall. Spent 75 min doing cardio at the gym, walked around the neighborhood, went to the grocery store twice..I’m at 21,000. SO close but not happening today. What I ate…


Breakfast: eggs ala mexicana..I’ve perfected them!

Lunch: huge salad with ham, bacon, pepperoni, cheese & ranch

Dinner: snake river farms filet with roasted Brussel sprouts

We have been having massive storms tonight because of a cold front we are getting it’s going to be highs of LOW 80’sall week!! YAY!! We have also started the process of house hunting. Will we buy? I don’t know.. I would LOVE that. Houses are expensive here but a mortgage would be equal to rent on a 2 bedroom apt. Hoping something works out. This tiny apt and I are done 🙂


5 thoughts on “close but no cigar

  1. Jana says:

    21,000 steps is awesome! I feel good if I get 16,000 in. Right now, I feel a little inadequate — but this will make me try harder! = )

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