bit better day

Today was better than yesterday! No sweets or bread! Dinner had corn but if fresh corn is my biggest crime I’m doing much better than before. We were living on fast food, way too much alcohol & totally inactive. We have come FAR and it makes me so happy!!

Breakfast: eggs ala mexicana 

Lunch: cheese plate. I did put a bit of raw honey on my goat cheese

Dinner: scallops with corn & bacon hash and green beans 

Dinner was awesome! I got the corn at the farmers market Friday. Fresh summer corn in jersey can’t be passed up. It’s like citrus in Texas.. Avocados or cherries in Cali. When sweet corn comes in season here it’s a must have I sautéed it with scallions and bacon. Drew said tonight was better than the 1st time I made scallops. 



Tomorrow will be PERFECT. Getting back in the gym..going to try for 25k steps tomorrow. 🙂 I prepped some lunches already..chicken wrapped in prosciutto and topped with cheese and sautéed spinach. I like being prepped


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