nightmare of a day!

Today started off fantastic!! Spent 45 min in the gym. Even did a little jogging. I’ve come far in my 3 short weeks of working out. Next week I’m adding weights. I LOVE my workouts. Drew & I go together when he’s here. These healthy changes feel different this time. We are both so determined & working hard at it!! Makes me happy 🙂 What I ate today…

“Breakfast”: didn’t have till lunch time so we made salads. 

Lunch: egg on Eziekel bread

Dinner: last of the chicken salad

The nightmare part came at work tonight. I hired a company for a program at the library and the check I needed to pay them with wasn’t left for me & the program was way overbooked even though I said no more than 15 kids could come. All these. Things reflect on ME ugh. It all turned out well though. I love to get in a stressed frenzy over nothing  

On to Friday!! More working out, lots of shopping, & some good meals!


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