Juice fast day 3

This has been easier than i thought it would be.  I found if I keep busy it helps..less time to think about food.  I’m really not hungry…my stomach isn’t growling very much/at all yet.  All that juice keeps me satisfied, but the only “problem” i had today was some headaches and feeling like i have low blood sugar..oh and I was grumpy.  Really grumpy actually 😦 ha  I have even cooked a couple of healthy meals for drew and have no temptation to even sample.  I’m proud of us! It may be only day 3 but we are both so dedicated to being healthy finally.  He of course has already lost a noticeable amount of weight after eating healthy for 5 days.  I FEEL better..not weighing myself.  But I feel much less bloated, have more energy, and am feeling like myself again.  It’s been a long 2 years for us filled with some really hard times.  I’m feeling like we are finally getting over this huge mountain we’ve been on. 🙂

Today started out at the Roseland City Fair.  My friend had a booth selling her chocolate. I love her daughter!


Then I cleaned out our front closet of all the old clothes that I was hoping would fit again some day but dont and wont for a LONG time. Why keep them when you can buy all new anyway?! 🙂 Felt good to get some spring cleaning done


Then tonight I went to church.  Our pastor was helping at a Joel Osteen event so we were having a guest speaker from Houston so i was excited…then when I got there it was just a taped sermon from him. I thought it would be so lame but it was really good.


On to day 4 of the fast!!


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