My dang teeth

i spent FOUR long weeks with a tooth infection. 3 years ago I had a root canal because my jaw surgery was done too early.  The screws from the surgery were now pressing down on my roots.  I had the root canal, all was well.  Well 4 weeks ago i started having a bad tooth ache.  I went to see my dentist and he sent me to and Endodontist because the root canal was failing.  I didn’t know root canals could fail.  I had a big infection and so he just re-did the root canal and all was well.  Well the infection got worse.  He put me on stronger antibiotics and stronger pain meds.  Later it still wasn’t quite right so I went back..He drilled into my roots hoping the infection would drain down.  2 days later I was in the worst pain of my life but my Endodontist doesnt work on wednesdays.  I called his office telling them i was in more pain and they said “well the Dr said it’s going to get better he can give you stronger antibiotics”  I had my dentist look at it for another opinion.  He said “yup will the infection is down your gum line and into your cheek but it will get better”  I CRIED.  it’s so frustrating to be in that much pain and be told, “yep it’ll get better” when it’s 100x worse than when it started.  By that friday my cheek was blown up like a balloon and even sticking my tongue out to lick my lips hurt…lightly brushing my cheek with a powder brush hurt.  The infection had taken over my entire cheek and every nerve ending was letting me know.  Back to the Endodontist I go.  He finally agrees the infection requires surgery and sends me down stairs to the oral surgeon to have the infection drained…he did finally pull the tooth while he was there.


All is well now…it hasn’t quite healed but it’s getting there.  I do want to start blogging again.  It’s been a LONG month for me though!


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