My day at The View

Today was a huge day for me so I’m going to give you ALL the details!! I’ve been watching The View since it started and have DVR’d it for years. I’ve been trying to get tickets for awhile and I finally got a magical email that said YOU ARE IN! I anxiously awaited the details of the guests for my day and was not thrilled..Dr Phil, some actresses, and a broadway performance.  womp, womp! But oh well I still get to see Barbara Walters and Whoopi…whoopi is actually the only one I love!

The Train Ride

I was out the door at 5:55.  I could have sworn there was a 6:30 train in, but found out it was at 7:00.  I had a long wait, but brought a good book with me.  When it’s cold out, homeless like to hang out in the train waiting area.  There were 2 today when I got there.  While I was paying for my parking spot, 1 came and stood by me and just stared at the wall.  That made me SO uneasy because here I am w/ my wallet out, and cash very visible.  The guys selling coffee were weirded out by that too so they called the cops and he was escorted out.  So i’m reading my book and about 20 min later the same homeless dude comes back in and sits RIGHT next to me.  officially REALLY creeped out and so I went outside and waited for my train.

I had studied the Subway system well before this trip in and had my plan all set.  Take the train into Penn station, then take the 1 subway line to a stop right outside the ABC studios.  Once we got on the train, an announcement was made that no trains were allowed to go into Penn at the moment, we were diverted to Hoboken where we would all have to switch to a PATH rail and that would take us to Harold’s Square…near Penn but not close. I was worried about the morning rush crowd on the subway anyway so I decided just to get a cab once we finally made it to the city.  I hailed my own cab right away! I’m so fancy!! 🙂

ABC Studios

The cab gets me to where I need to be and I find the line to get in.  There is a View staffer checking in people, so I give him my name, he gives me a ticket and I go to the back of the line.  The people behind me were ANNOYING.  Said they had been in line since 4am, yelling at EVERY single car that was coming into the studio garage.  “omg omg!! i bet that’s SHERRI SHEPARD!! OMG” meanwhile the windows are blacked out.  “omg omg omg!! I bet that’s BARBARA!!!!” nope, just some View staff.  It was early, and I couldn’t take their crazy.  It’s time to go in the lobby, and the crazies push past me.  Well I found out i went to the very FRONT of the line, not the END.  Those poor crazy people prolly thought i was the biggest witch ever stealing the spot they had been at since 4am.  The tickets they passed out were numbered so it turned out it didn’t really matter but I felt bad.


We’re In!

It was freezing out this morning.  I was so happy to be in finally.  They let us in around 9:00.  Then the worst part comes.  You get to stand and wait in the waiting room.  They didn’t let us go in the studio till 10:30!! It was shocking…for a live show i just thought they would be a little more on top of it. For whatever reason I got called in as the first group to go into the studio to get seated and because I was alone she sat me on the front row.  INSANE!  When you get in they hand you a HUGE family size bag of Chex Muddy Buddy and a bottle of fruit juice.  so weird.  Anyway…I got to be part of the group that stands up and the hosts walk right past in the intro.  So cool.  The show was fun.  The guest host was Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner)  and it was funny because Whoopi kept rolling her eyes when Candace would talk about being a submissive wife.  The hosts answered some questions at commercial break but I was surprised how little they interacted w/ the crowd.  They mostly just talked to each other during the break.  It was fun though.  And we all got to take home Candace Cameron’s book and a CD from the broadway show that performed…It was the Carol King musical



Going Home

So since I had studied the Subway line, I took the 1 line back to Penn Station which was back up and running by the time the show was over.  Over the course of today I used:

  • NJ transit train
  • PATH train
  • a taxi
  • NYC Subway

For being all alone I would say that’s pretty impressive!!!


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