Left over ham?

If you have leftover ham from Easter, I highly suggest making some greens!  Collard greens are starting to become the new kale.  I think any leafy green is good for you and the way I cook them it is a super hearty meal in a bowl


First saute onion and red chili flakes in olive oil.  Once that’s all browned off then toss in some garlic cloves, chunks of smoked ham and lots of chicken stock.  Simmer for 3-4 hours


Once the broth is good to go, take OUT the hunks of ham and toss in trimmed and cleaned collard greens.  Simmer for 45 min.  Shred the ham and toss back in for another 15-20 min.  And you will have the most amazing collard greens ever 🙂


We didn’t have ham for Easter.  We had sushi… my allergies have been horrible lately and I wasnt hungry yesterday.  We went into the city and saw All the Way…AMAZING then grabbed some sushi to go once we got home.  It wasn’t the perfect day in the city I was hoping for but fun none the less


I go back to the city on Thursday and i’m sure I’ll be feeling better by then.  My allergies/sinuses have been having a field day with this BEAUTIFUL spring weather we are having.  Highs of 60, sunny.  Amazing.  Spring in New Jersey is almost as pretty as fall.  Why no one talks about they crazy spring colors we have in the northeast like they do about fall colors is beyond me



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