D.C. day 2

I’m doing my best to stay low carb and aside from a few drinks and a bite of bread I am doing GREAT…we are on vacation after all!


Drew got us a free continental breakfast since he is Platinum w/ the hotel…I saw some meat & cheese but wanted EGGS…I didn’t know there was smoked salmon on the continental breakfast.  Because I ordered the eggs, breakfast was HUGE.  We learned our lesson though, we only need the free breakfast from here on out


Then we went to the American History museum, Natural History museum and then Drew and I split up…he went to air & space and I went to the Holocaust museum.  I wish I had better pictures of some of the museums but they are SUPER strict about picture taking now.  Oh well.  After 12,000 steps (my fitbit was HAPPY) we both made our way back to the hotel and had a nice lunch.  I got French onion soup & a hanger steak.  It was a fantastic lunch!


Before dinner we went to happy hour…I had a couple lemongrass martinis because these were AMAZING


Then we finally made our way over to Bearnaise, Spike’s restaurant.  I told our waiter I was upset Spike wasn’t there because I LOVE him and he said it was actually a rare night…he’s usually there.  Soooo sad.  We started with crispy pig’s feet.  Then Drew got the French onion soup, & I had the goat cheese salad.  I had the filet w/ bearnaise for dinner.  yum!  This food was AMAZING











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