D.C. day 1

We are on a little 3 day vacay to DC.  We left early this afternoon.  I packed us a nice low carb road snack pack


4 hours later and in a lot of rain we were in DC! DC traffic is INSANE and getting to our hotel was crazy to say the least.  As soon as we got here we needed a happy hour!  We got sangria, pepper shrimp & ahi tuna


Our hotel is RIGHT by the white house! You see that white building just in the distance? that’s the side of the white house!!!!

For dinner we got room service.  I’ve NEVER had room service in my life other than a complementary breakfast once.  Drew lives like this! It was SO nice since we had such a long day. I got the wedge salad and rock fish / mushrooms…didn’t eat the rice!



Tomorrow we are going to some museums and then having dinner at Bernaise which is Spike Mendelsohn’s new restaurant!  He was always one of my fav’s on Top Chef!



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