Texas Trip

My trip to Texas was amazing and sad all at the same time.  I’m just HAPPY in Tx  My brother & Mom’s amazing house, yard & fab garden helps that happy zen feeling but it’s just all of it.  The weather was perfect.  I was outside in the SUNSHINE for the 1st time in 3 months.  I got to spend time with friends i’ve known since high school and lots of family.  I was starting to think I like NJ.  Snow is fun.  We were even SERIOUSLY talking about getting a house but now that’s off the table.  My soul was just so happy in TX

Here is my 1st doggy.  I had to give him to my mom shortly after I got him.  I was a HORRIBLE mom to him…I was young and neglected him too much but he still loves me so YAY!


The food I had was AMAZING! I was kinda proud..stuck to my low carb diet the whole trip except for the last 2 days.  One day we took my grandma to lunch at House Wine and I got the ahi tuna. YUM


Then I had dinner with my best friends at a place called Spork.  I got the brussel sprouts and pork shank. The pork shank was probably the best thing i ate all trip. SOOOOO good!


ImageThe my mom, brother and I went to Salt.  The new restaurant House Wine started.  Was SO good! We had sweet breads, cheese plate and I got the grill mahi mahi



And a trip to Mcallen isn’t complete without a Jalapeno margarita at El Divino.  The food here was amazing but i forgot to pic most of it! so sad


I’m seriously contemplating spending 2-3 down in Mcallen this Fall.  There’s lots to think about before that happens but I think it would be good and my sweet little dog would have a YARD to run around in for awhile.  We shall see


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