Key to Success!

I think I’ve finally found my key to success.  Going week by week adding slowly was helpful.  Finding food I can eat everyday has been KEY for me though. 

Breakfast: Eggs ala Mexicana.  Onion & tomato sauteed in bacon fat, then add in eggs, crumbled bacon & TINY bit of cheese & jalapeno.  I’m happy to eat this every day!

ImageLunch: My amazing yet simple chicken salad w/ Terra chips.  My chicken salad is: chicken, grapes, celery, good quality mayo and the KEY: a drizzle of honey.  makes it so tasty!!  Terra chips aren’t perfect but they are great for now…vegetable chips are ok for me at this points

ImageDinner: Now here is the only part of the day I, personally, need to change it up.  Tonight we had bison burger patties w/ green beans. 


I tend to over complicate things.  As long as I just change up dinner this will be EASY! Loving it so far! 🙂




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